Illuminating Small Creatures - eBook

Illuminating Small Creatures
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77 Pages devoted to the art of photographing small creatures (insects, spiders, amphibians and reptiles) while using natural light and flash photography. Rod uses stunning illustrations and easy to understand text to explain what can be an arcane subject for many - flash photography. After reading this book and following Rod's step by step instructions you'll be able to go out into the field and photograph free flying creatures with confidence. He'll also explain why flash is not always the best choice and when you should switch back to natural light.

Topics Include:

  • Lighting Insects, Spiders, Amphibians and Reptiles
  • Use One Flash or Two?
  • Natural Light: When to rely on it
  • Using Flash in the Standard TTL Mode
  • Standard TTL Flash: Quick Set-up
  • Start Stalking
  • Controlling Exposure in Standard TTL Flash Mode
  • Dealing with Dark Backgrounds - Using Natural Light as Fill Light
  • Using TTL Fill Flash
  • TTL Fill Flash Output Compensation: How much do you set?
  • TTL Flash: Quick Set-up
  • Positioning and Aiming the Flash: It Does Matter
  • Using Flash Extenders
  • Using a Diffusion Dome
  • Plus More!

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