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A Message From Rod Planck


"I have been involved in the nature photography industry for over 25 years. My interest in and love of the natural world has spanned a lifetime. In my late teens, I began using a camera as a creative tool to communicate to others what inspired me in nature. The images resulting from this creative expression spawned a successful freelance nature photography business run primarily by my wife, Marlene.

Over the years my images have appeared in such magazines as Audubon, Sierra, Natural History, Backpacker, Birder's World, National and International Wildlife, and Ranger Rick, and in numerous calendars and textbooks. My work has also been featured in print advertisements with such clients as Nikon, Fuji, and Kodak, and also in television advertisements.

I've written instructional articles and had portfolio pieces that have appeared in Birder's World, Nature's Best, Photolife, Outdoor and Travel Photography, Shutterbug, The Nature Photographer and Outdoor Photographer. My images have appeared in many fine coffee-table books, including The Nature of America, Birds of North America, The Spirit of the North and Wild Michigan.

Marlene and I are as enthusiastic about teaching others about nature photography as we are about being in the field ourselves. We have led and conducted hundreds of nature photography tours, workshops and one-day seminars throughout North America and as far away as Antarctica.

Although my photographs have been published widely, my inspiration for making beautiful images has always been purely non-commercial. My inspiration springs forth from my experiences in the field -- being out in the wild, gaining an understanding of my subjects, and engaging my creative capacity.

My experience in the field has led to an ever-increasing understanding of my subjects and a deep respect for the natural world. This forms the basis of my passion for nature photography. As a result, my programs do not contain images of captive animals from game farms or zoos, nor has the computer been used as a tool for manipulating my images.

Marlene and I currently live in a log home on two hundred acres in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We are in the process of managing this property with the goal of conducting personalized nature photography workshops here."

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